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Gazing down Memory Lane

Four years ago, Andrea and I were fretting about what to do with our annihilated first dinghy (a lemon), worrying about replacing the standing rigging (the wires that hold the mast up), and we still had that cool nautical US flag (before losing it in the crossing from Key West to Isla Mujeres).

Three years ago, we were just having some good, old-fashioned fun: diving from our 39' Beneteau Oceanis sailing vessel around the Prince Albert wreck, just outside the Coco View resort on the south shore of Roatan, and SCUBA diving with our good friends over at Subway Watersports on the north side of the island.

Two years ago, we were doing lots of work on the boat, installing a new chain wheel on our windlass with 200 feet of new chain, and struggling with our old Honda outboard. We were also gearing up for the Roatan International Lionfish tournament, which was an absolute blast of a good time. We didn't end up winning any awards, competition is fierce, but we killed a bunch of invasive lionfish, and helped raise a lot of money for organizations that needed it.

Last year, well, let's just not talk about last year. We're super psyched to be getting back to basics soon, with our return to business rapidly approaching. Here at the premiere, private monohull sailing charter experience in the Bay Islands of Honduras, we are currently booking dates for the upcoming holiday season and well into 2022. If you're ready to take the plunge and have a one of a kind sailing experience, drop us a line, give us a call, hit us up on social media, and we'll put together a package uniquely tailored to your needs.


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