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Late September SCUBA & Snorkeling

In the last few days we've been sailing down to the area near Little French Key, where after replacing our propeller zinc anode and doing some bottom cleaning, we did some snorkeling. Since the Captain thought it was a little underwhelming in the marine park area, we headed over to the Prince Albert wreck in front of the CoCo View resort and were treated to some really amazing top coral and no less than three spotted eagle rays cruising around the shallows.

A few days before we had another amazing time diving with our friends over at Subway Watersports, going up to the Grouper Wall dive site, where the great DiveMaster Eddie showed us an amazing time navigating between a series of breathtaking swimthroughs on the way back to the buoy. Sadly, we didn't get much usable footage of the area, but we got some good video at the always reliable Rockstar dive site an hour later. Sadly, one-eyed Jack the demon eel of Rockstar was hiding, but we did see another moray eel, a white spotted fire worm, some drummerfish, crabs, all kinds of good stuff.

Check it out above and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for the latest and greatest City Dogs videos!

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