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Three Day Whirlwind!

What a whirlwind of 3 days...

... since we have been here the rigger told me I need new standing rigging, the dingy that was fine when I last saw it was damaged at some point during hurricane or transfer and after renting a u-haul to take it an hour south to the dingy specialist only to be told it isn’t worth fixing for what it would cost...

Hopefully insurance will cover it. And the post office lost my coast guard registration.

And the owner of this little marina showed up and found out we were living aboard, which the boat guy didn’t tell her. She told us we couldn’t live aboard here.

I then found out she had a boat in key west, after I asked how it fared i told her my friends were in key west too but they fled to Mexico with their boat. She goes, you mean Lindsay and Tadd? I said yes, apparently they are boat neighbors in key west. Now she is allowing us to stay on board for the month and have repairs done but we have to be out by nov 1 which is Fine with us because we need to head south!

Otherwise I have been unpacking and cleaning the mold/mildew that showed up after sitting in Florida heat closed up for a couple of months, ugh. I’m ready for day 4! LOL!

Good news, the new genoa came and my second copy of coast guard registration should be delivered this week. And doggies are adjusting well. Until tomorrow...

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