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Late Fall 2021 & beyond

Covid has been a whirlwind for City Dogs Sailing, just like it has been for so many other small businesses out there that need tourism to flourish, but we're now thankfully beginning to book dates for Late Fall 2021 (holiday season) & beyond! We'll continue to provide one-of-a-kind private monohull sailing charter experiences in the Western Caribbean Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila, Guanaja & Cayos Cochinos) of Honduras that can only be called off-the-grid adventures.

If you're looking for a booze-cruise packed tight with fifty or sixty of your best friends aboard a catamaran that never bothers to raise a sail, let alone turn off the engine and actually sail, we've got some great recommendations for you, but if you're looking for a truly unique experience, a bucket list type of time that you won't be able to forget, look no further than the custom crafted charters we create based on your particular needs.

With three cabins and a spacious galley, we max out at six guests aboard our custom 39' Beneteau sailing yacht, which make all of our encounters special, but we strive to achieve a level of customer satisfaction that goes beyond FIVE STAR TripAdvisor ratings. That's because what we've been doing is really simple: sharing the love of the gorgeous, beautiful Honduran Bay Islands with folks who might not know them at all.

We're both PADI certified SCUBA instructors, we guide you through tranquil seas, show you things most folks don't even notice. If you're thinking about doing something special, off the beaten path in a private, pristine setting, look no further, we've got you covered. The only question is where do you want to go today?


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