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Windy days are here...

It's a fine line between having an amazing, exciting sailing experience and it being simply too rough to go out. For the rest of the week we're looking at some gale force winds, which make for some really big waves, which would translate into at best, an uncomfortable time on the water. So we've had to cancel some upcoming bookings and double check our dock lines are tied in extra secure. We hate turning down business but we're not going to put our TripAdvisor Ratings at risk by having guests aboard in unsafe conditions.

So we're doing other things like working on side projects, getting the dogs some much needed R&R on the beach at Parrot Tree, doing routine maintenance on City Dogs like changing the oil and filters, cleaning out the strainers, etc. It's a boat so there's always a lot to do.

We're going to miss taking people on sailing and snorkeling excursions. We've been seeing some really neat stuff up in Port Royal of late. Like alien looking things such as Caribbean Reef Squid.

And Burrfish.

And Spotted Eagle Rays.

And Nurse Sharks.

And just loads of amazing marine life.

And Steve has been getting better at free diving. One of our guests lost their snorkel in about 25 feet of water the other day and after a terrible first attempt, Steve was able to grab it on the second dive. Looking back up towards the surface, kicking off the sandy bottom, it sure looked like a really long distance, but with practice it's no big deal. It really is all about mind over matter. I mean, how long can you hold your breath?


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