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When the wind dies, it's time to go diving

So the wind has finally died down on the island of Roatan, here in the elbow of the western Caribbean and our sailing excursions have no wind. We'll give two guesses why we've got no wind in the Bay Islands of Honduras right now. So we did what we do when there's no wind and we've got a sailboat? Well, we went diving, of course, that's what we do.

There's some beautiful coral right off the wall outside the Parrot Tree marina.

It's gorgeous stuff, a real nice wall with a good dropoff, some nice overhangs, it's a real choice dive and an easy shore entrance/exit if the conditions are right.

And today, conditions were pretty nice indeed, little to no current and great visibility. Dorian's just sucked all the wind, all the movement from the water, it's like glass. Really nice to dive in.

And there wasn't too much trash in the ocean, although Sherry did manage to get a decent amount of plastic collected in our hour long excursion along the wall. Good on Sherry, right?

We had a nice time, saw a nice webbed burrfish in the shallows. We love these guys, check out the eyes on them. So alien and yet so expressive.

They're also a little cute, right? I mean, come on. Look at those burrfish moves. This fish has come moves.

Let's see, what else did we see? We also saw a nice little adult drummer fish.

We saw a sweet little trunkfish. I love trunkfish. They're very chill but like lots of fish, very sensitive to sound and vibration, so you're got to be quiet with them.

We also saw a nice little grouper trying to hide. And tons of other stuff that didn't make the cut on video like a stingray that was mucking about in about 90 ft on the sandy bottom.

And we had a great encounter with a huge school of horse-eyed jacks that swam with us for a little bit.

All in all, it was an amazing time enjoying the beauty of the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef. We're constantly awed, amazed, and humbled by the majesty of the reef. If only we can do a small part to raise awareness of the threat the coral reef is under in these uncertain times.


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