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Two years ago today...

Two years ago today, after spending some quality cruising time on the beautiful, majestic, often overlooked island of Guanaja, we were SCUBA diving with our good friends over at Subway Watersports, having a grand old time underwater on the north side of the island of Roatan in the Western Caribbean.

We wish we were still in the Bay Islands sailing & diving everyday but in the meantime, here's a little video we made from those two great dives two years ago!

Keep in mind, the Bay Islands of Honduras are indeed back open again for tourism business, hotels are open, the beaches are stunning, the water is crystal clear, warm, and full of diverse marine life, with American Airlines running flights on Saturdays right into Roatan International airport and many more options coming in through the mainland via San Pedro Sula.

We'll be back home on the island soon, we're already booking tours for late 2020, 2021 & beyond, so give us a shout if you're thinking about making a reservation and we'll come up with a unique sailing adventure package sure to suit your needs.


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