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Trying some new things

We've been trying some new things, like finally going to eat at Kristi's Overlook -- which made some amazing sizzling hot beef fajitas on their first night, as well as stunning views of the East End, big TVs and nice staff -- and going to the Music Festival for the Angels @ Lawson Rock. The festival's for a good cause, the Clinica Esperanza and the SOL International Foundation. It was great to have some of the leftover green beer from St Paddy's Day from the Roatan Island Brewing Company. . Even better knowing the proceeds are all going towards a good cause.

It was also great having DONUTS! Fresh baked donuts from Sunken Donuts absolutely ruled! We've passed by their place on the West Bay road a bunch of times but just haven't ever stopped there despite Steve's love of donuts. Anyway, they had Chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Yum! Our friend Dave also had a strawberry one and a cinnamon bun. We all had some gelato and listened to some great tunes, laid back in a field set back just a bit from the beach in Sandy Bay.

It did feel a bit surreal at times, sitting back in the food court, a nice pulled pork BBQ sandwich from Blue Bahia in my belly, drinking a good American beer, chatting with exPat friends, surrounded by mostly Americans and Canadians at a music festival in Central America. As more than one person remarked to me, it would have been nice to see some more locals there, but the tickets weren't exactly cheap. We could have been anywhere in America, only the food would have been twice as a expensive and half as good, the sun would have been a little less brutal, and they wouldn't have been serving Lionfish or asking that everyone bring their own res-usable cups. It was great to be able to help support good causes, give some business to those places that we like to patronize, and have a little fun at the same time.

Now it's back to work on the boat! Time to get things ready for another week onboard down in West End!


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