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Throwback Charter: West End to Utila June 2018

Since we're still not working due to the Covid restrictions on the island of Roatan, we thought we'd share some nice pictures of the amazing Bay Islands from our trip two years ago today (June 5th, 2018) when we sailed from Roatan to Utila with a couple celebrating their honeymoon.

Usually going to Utila from Roatan is a breeze, it's mostly downwind sailing and we normally get there in a few hours, somewhere in the 3 hour range. Coming back to Roatan from Utila is a different story. Depending on conditions it could take quite a bit longer and be rather ... unpleasant at worst. Once it seemed like we were going backwards making the trip back, but going there is usually quite nice.

It's sailing though, there is an element of adventure involved. This trip over to Utila from West End was easy going, we popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate their honeymoon, busted out some strawberries and other treats, and we had a blast. We've had other times crossing, especially back from Utila to Roatan that have been much more invigorating. This was a nice pleasure cruise. Lots of times we get to see dolphins, but not this time. Maybe it was too calm for them.

It was a great time, as you can see. We can't wait to get back out on the water, cruising the waves of the Western Caribbean with our doggies, engine off and all the sails out, soaking up the brilliant rays of tropical sun, our only care how to better harness the power of the wind to more effectively reach our destination.


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