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the Bay Islands are Open Again

It's been over five months since Roatan International airport closed down in March to contain the Covid contagion and there is some great news -- the Bay Islands of Honduras are finally opening up again!

The first commercial international flight in over a hundred and fifty days landed yesterday, with passengers undergoing a detailed screening process including the presentation of a negative PCR test less than 72 hours prior to arrival. There's another flight scheduled to land on Roatan on August 22nd.

The Governor of the Bay Islands' Facebook page is a great resource for all the latest information on what the most current regulations are on Roatan. Let's remember, these are Covid times, so regs are fluid, at best. What is policy today might be forbidden tomorrow, but for now, the Islands are open, albeit with some restrictions.

Let's not forget in the Bay Islands we're dealing with both a national authority designed to combat Covid (SINAGER) and local authorities split between two municipalities on the island of Roatan (as well as separate local authorities on Utila and Guanaja), so there are a lot of "cooks in the kitchen". We're hopeful that amount of thoughtful government oversight ensures this opening will continue without a hitch. We love the Bay Islands and can't wait to begin safely sharing them with our clients again.

We know there are a lot of people who can't wait to get back out on the water sailing and into the water diving or snorkeling. There are some people who want to stay home, who wouldn't dream of going through an airport or flying on a plane, we get that, but there are a lot of SCUBA divers and other, less risk averse people out there who are looking to book trips away from their homes as soon as possible. People want to travel again, they want to experience new things again. There are a number of flights available to Roatan, with more coming on line daily.

We can't wait to get back to work again taking discerning folks out on one of a kind sailing charter adventure experiences in the Bay Islands of Honduras. We've always thought sailing, snorkeling, and diving were amazing, transcendent ways to encounter the gorgeous natural world of the Western Caribbean, but in these trying Covid times, the small group, private charter experience seems even more essential. Give us a buzz if you want to talk options on how we can make your dreams come true!


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