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Sailing into the Holiday Season

We're back sailing in the Bay Islands of Honduras, providing top notch sailing charter services to our discerning guests, showing them the lesser seen sides of Roatan, Utila, Guanaja, and Cayos Cochinos via wind power (most of the time). We've done a bunch of upgrades to our boat, including some fancy new fauk teak in our cockpit, it looks like 10,000X better than our old, extremely weathered, worn through twenty-year old teak.

We've also done a number of other equipment upgrades, replacing the lines, blocks, and attachments that making sailing happen; they say wind power is free, but ask anyone who has a sailboat, and they'll tell you that none of the equipment comes without cost. Between the sails, lines, shackles, pulleys, stopcars, fasterners, braces, fiberglass, and the rudder there is a definite cost to every single gust of wind, a price for each steady wave in the sea. Nothing, no force on Earth comes without a cost, it's just that wind power tends to generate slightly less pollution than other modes of marine transit.

We're going out sailing around Roatan when weather permits, doing shake down sails, diving here and there, making sure every one of the many complex systems aboard our Beneteau Oceanis 393 are running smoothly as we shift gears into prime cruising season. Remaining available dates for this year are going quickly, and busy season 2023 is booking up fast, so if you're thinking about coming on down to Roatan on a sailing adventure excursion, think about giving City Dogs Sailing a buzz.

We'll get back to you with the quickness with a personalized plan designed to your unique needs, designed to show as much of the islands as you desire.


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