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Pura Vida en Rio Dulce

Kicking off our return to action, with the help of some amazing, patient sailing friends, we've made the crossing from Roatan to Utila to the Rio Dulce to get some much needed boat work done. After an amazing crossing, where we were greeted with dolphins, shooting stars, and the odd massive container ship, we made our way up the mouth of the "sweet river", past soaring 300 hundred foot tall cliffs bordering the dense green jungle, through the wide, open expanse of El Gofete, to the gorgeous Lago De Izabel.

We hauled out a couple days ago with the amazing crew at the incomparable RAM Marina, and we're looking forward to getting some much needed work done, like getting our anti-fouling paint applied after four plus long years in the Caribbean sea. Once we get a few boxes checked, we're looking forward to exploring some of the more far flung sights, like the Catistillo de San Felipe de Lara, the hot springs at Fina Paraiso, and the Manatee preserves at Biotopo Chocon Machacas.

It's a completely different orgulla here in the Rio Dulce, similar to the Bay Islands of Honduras, but completely different, infused with a Mayan heritage that creates a unique, yet recognizable scent, one that feels both familiar and exotic at the same time. The river is something else, it has a fresh, invigorating smell, far from the salty sea that we're used to; the Rio Dulce is a freshwater oasis in the dense jungles of Central America, home to many different species of birds, fish, and wildlife.

Unlike some of the cruisers we've encountered in the Rio Dulce, we're definitely short-timers here, looking to get a few simple, distinct things done, before setting sail back to the Bay Islands of Honduras to do what we do best: sailing, snorkeling, and SCUBA in the gorgeous eighty degree aquamarine waters of the Western Caribbean. Give us a shout if you're thinking of coming down to Roatan, Utila, or Guanaja, and we'll put together a sailing experience of a lifetime!


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