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Living on the hook in the Bay Islands

Living life on anchor on the east side of the Honduran Bay Island of Roatan is utterly amazing, full of moments of transcendent beauty. It's quiet, gorgeous perfection. We spent the past couple of days anchored in one of our favorite spots, just outside the iconic jewel in the rough tucked into the back of Jonesville Point, Hole in the Wall.

The holding back there is tight. It's good, solid mud, our anchor digs in really well and it's a real quality spot, presided over by the proprietor Ed, who holds Hole in the Wall down like a Caribbean Basil Fawlty, dishing out wit and wisdom at every turn of the clock. Let's not even talk about his little Capuchin monkey Chewey. Like everyone, Chewey wanted to pet Mischa.

We went for some really good snorkeling right outside the channel, at the dive site called Calvin's Crack. We saw all kinds of marine life including what might have been a pregnant nurse shark, a small little moray eel, at least one circuitous spotted eagle ray, a bright green eyed bridled burrfish, a solitary Caribbean reef squid, and many more breathtaking aquatic organisms.

Today, we went up to one of our favorite places and put the hook down outside of the Mango Creek Lodge in New Port Royal. We went snorkeling at horseshoe, one of our favorite snorkeling sites, where we saw another nurse shark, among other unforgettable marine encounters. We stopped in at Mango Creek, talked with Manny, who runs the place and is one of the nicest, most wisest people on the island and had a laugh at Mischa trying to make sense of their flock of Guinea Hens.

Tomorrow, we head over to Guanaja. It's supposed to be flat. Like glass out there, with the normally significant easterly wind kicking up waves that make heading to Guanaja uncomfortable at best. When it's calm though, going out there is a breeze, only there's usually no wind. So we'll be motoring out there with our good old Yanmar engine.

Hopefully we'll catch some fresh fish along the way. We finally snagged some good bait fish in Jonesville, so if we're lucky we'll be able to get a tuna, or if we're really lucky, we'll nail a big old wahoo! Stranger things have happened, like the time we caught that sailfish... Not sure if we'll have any Tigo or Claro connectivity for the next couple days, but we'll be doing what we do best, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and enjoying the other side of the Bay Island Life. Oh, and doing boat work in exotic places.

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