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Leveling up my Lionfish Hunter

So I've been leveling up my lionfish hunting skills of late. And Andrea's been doing a great job of getting good videos of me doing it with my Roatan Marine Park approved Hawaiian Sling! We ran into a bunch of them while diving the wall right outside of our marina in First Bight on the South side of Roatan. I gave them all pet names.

We have the little one, which I cut to pieces to make room for a bigger one that we ran into just moments later.

Which is, if you watch the video below, "the one that got away." Wait for the sound I make when it escapes at the end.

And then there's dinner (the one we kept).

We haven't just been killing lionfish though. We've also been seeing the amazing reef. And we've been swimming with rays.

And doing what we do best, relaxing with the dogs. We're off to go get the materials to make our own lionfish container so that we have a safe place to keep them during the dive. Unfortunately the reef is lousy with them and we don't want to leave any of them behind on our dives. They might be pretty but they're invasive here, so they're on the menu. Hit us up in the comments if you know any good filet knives.


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