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Having fun with our friends

It was nice to have some fun with friends from good old New York City for the past week. We had a blast with them, it helps us remember the things that we first fell in love with about the bay islands, their unique rhythms, idiosyncrasies, their ways of life that are apart from anywhere else in the world.

Teaching someone the wonders of the underwater world for the first time in a place like Roatan, with all the gorgeous coral reefs teeming with abundantly diverse marine life is really special. Seeing a student go from incomprehension to understanding, and then to move on to see the emergence of skill formation is amazing. Kristina's sure to be a great certified diver in the future! With two open water dives under her belt, she's sure to be back for more!

Sailing's been great too. We had dolphins escort us around the south western end of the island a couple of times and it's always a special event. Watching the pod of dolphins descend on the bow, going from around eight to ten to suddenly more then two dozen of them was just a great experience. Seeing them jumping through the waves, moving with delicate grace and fluid skill on full majestic display, is something truly beautiful. The second time around, they must have played on our bow for about fifteen minutes, the pod getting bigger or smaller, waxing and waning as we made our way up the shoreline towards West End from Cayos Cochinos. It was amazing!

We went out sailing with a couple of couples yesterday, did some good snorkeling. Saw a nice spotted eagle ray.

A good sized puffer fish.

And a trumpetfish...

And a drummer fish. And loads of other stuff. And did I mention dolphins? Tons of dolphins. It's that time of year.

And more dolphins.

We'll never tire of dolphins. Not ever.


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