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Fun Diving on the north shore of Roatan

We went out for a couple of fun dives on the north shore of Roatan the other day, and we had a blast with subway watersports!

We saw some great marine life, we killed a bunch of invasive lionfish, and we had a great time with our crew for the morning, Dario and Eddie. We did a couple of drift dives, which we appreciate, since of late we've been doing a bunch of more strenuous shore dives, and we had a blast! The visibility was great, there wasn't much current, and we nailed a bunch of invasive lionfish (filling a cooler up).

It was a nice, a special treat to go diving for Andrea's birthday. We wish we could dive like that everyday, but we do have to work somedays. Drop us a line if you're thinking of coming down to the Bay Islands of Honduras to do some sailing!


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