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From the reef to the plate

Today started off amazing, with a couple of great dives on the north side of the island with our pals over at Subway Watersports. We brought our spears because, why not? It's never a bad time to get rid of invasive species from the reef. We ended up bringing home eight in all. Not too bad.

I got five, (one of them that Andrea recorded I got right through the eye), one of the DMs got one (and took it to eat), the other DM got two and let us keep them. So we made sure to remove all the venomous spines, then we used our fillet knife and got some decent looking little fillets for dinner. I managed to get a little spine stuck in me, but it must have not had any venom in it, because I didn't feel a thing.

Then we threw some breadcrumbs on, seasoned them a bit, fried them up in some delicious Reggae Country Style Brand coconut oil, and plated them up with a nice helping of tater tots. Basic but yummmy dinner.

Low price. Good for the reef.


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