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Exploring Cayos Cochinos & the West End of Roatan

We haven't posted a new video in some time -- our Macbook was out of commission for a while thanks to a virus (don't open emails with Microsoft Word online attachments) but we managed to get it sorted with a little help from our friends (and Google).

The video is a mix of sailing footage, diving in the utterly gorgeous Cayos Cochinos marine preserve (at Pelican Point & the Airplane) with the great crew over at the Turtle Bay Eco Resort and snorkeling /diving in West End and Sandy Bay (at Paradise & Overheat Reef sites) with our friends over at Splash Inn. We had to leave a lot of cool material on the cutting room floor (like a Trumpetfish feeding on a school of little fish in the shallows), but we're always in awe of the diversity of marine life we see whether we're on the surface or a hundred feet below. I'm not going to say the reef is like a box of chocolates ... but you really do never know what you're gonna get.

Oh hai!

My favorite was the bridled burrfish. It really does look like something out of an alien horror film. Or an alien comedy -- I mean, look at those eyes, right? It's just so cute! The squid was awesome too, they normally scoot away with the quickness, but this one wasn't moving. Pretty sweet encounter.

Not gonna move

The turtles were pretty chill too -- swimming alongside us or just sleeping on the reef. Wish we could all be that relaxed underwater!

Droopy eye

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