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Cockpit Table & other boat upgrades!

Gearing up for our return to operations in the late fall, we reached out to Shelley & Mic at the Mangrove Bight Group, in order to craft a one-of-a-kind folding table for the cockpit of our Beneteau Oceanis 393 sailing vessel. Space is a premium on any boat, and while we loved how big of our old cockpit table was, it makes much more sense to use the space to let people spread out, and move around the cockpit easier, with the table in the down position most of the time.

We think Shelly & Mic at the Mangrove Bight Group did an amazing job on our custom teak cockpit table! It's gonna look great with our signature, hand crafted cocktails sitting on it, tied up to a mooring in the gorgeous, crystal clear aquamarine waters of Cayos Cochinos or Port Royal. The table looks fantastic, and will last for years! We'd recommend anyone in the Bay Islands of Honduras, especially folks on other sailboats looking to get custom woodwork done, consider giving the Mangrove Bight Group a call. They're patient, funny, and best of all, they do quality work.

The new cockpit table is just one of the many upgrades that we have planned for our return to City Dogs. She's already sporting a whole new look, with a fresh, clean coat of cool, gray nonstick gelcoat. We've also got a ton of preventative maintenance to do; after five years the bottom really needs a couple coats of good ablative paint, it's time to change a couple through hulls, time to change the exhaust elbow and install a couple new gadgets. Plus I'm sure we'll discover a whole host of additional things that need changing/replacing/updating as we go along, because that's kind of the way things go with sailboats. We've just gotta roll with the punches.

We're psyched to be getting back to what we really love doing most: boat work in exotic places. Let us know what dates you have in mind for your one of a kind sailing experience in the western Caribbean Bay Islands of Honduras and we'll put together a crafted package to meet your unique needs.

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