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Cleaning up the old GoPro memory card

You never know what you're going to find when you're cleaning out your memory cards, going through old files and organizing the literally thousands of clips you end up with when you're taking video most times you go diving. We've been doing a little digital housekeeping of late, trimming the fat and seeing what we really have after coming up on two years on the island. We've got a lot of footage.

We've got butterfly fish. These guys are really cute and almost always in pairs. They've got spiky little haircuts.

We've also got my favorite, the Trumpetfish. It's so weird looking. Like a dragon. How does that shape even make sense?

Then there's the drummer fish, always moving, always roving, never still, except in photographs.

And the Queen Angelfish, sometimes found following sea turtles around. Extremely colorful, impossible not to notice with that distinct blend of yellow and blue hues.

Some cool sponges we saw off the Parrot Tree wall the other day.

A nice big grouper trying to hide in plain sight. Not the best predatory tactic but it must work sometimes, he's not exactly small.

Flamingo Tongues (the little white thing with the colored spots on it attached to the sea fan) are sea slugs and are actually parasitic, feeding off their hosts.

We're not sure what this big guy is, just that if he's got a couple suckerfish attached to him, he must be big.

And last and certainly least, the cowardly invasive lionfish. Didn't have a spear this dive or this one would have been a ghost.


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