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City Dogs & the new Covid-19 normal

At City Dogs we’ve been coming up with a series of internal protocols tailor made to fit the new normal in the Post-Covid world we all now inhabit. We are following PADI’s Eight Simple COVID-19 Risk Reduction Steps for Divers, and we’re incorporating all of DAN’s 10 Recommendations on Risk Prevention and Mitigation, which includes steps on how to properly put on PPE, for example. We’re not a dive resort, we're not a hotel but we’re both dive instructors with a pretty nice boat, and we are committed to making the health and safety of our clients our number one priority. Taking our guidance from professional organizations like DAN and PADI highlights our commitment to excellence.

We take our health seriously, we follow CDC and WHO guidelines for how to limit our exposure to Covid, which means will be implementing biometric health verification for all guests with contactless temperature checks. We will continue to wear masks when we come into close contact with people outside our little pack and we will continue to wash our hands often. Although we've already been doing some of these things already (making drinks and preparing food mean we're always scrubbing our hands down below anyway) it's important for us that our clients know the steps we are taking to ensure our collective safety. We always use hand sanitizer when we come into contact with surfaces in public places because it's simply not practical to wash our hands in the car. Hand sanitizer will be available for our guests to use, in addition to the many types of fragrant hand soaps in the galley and heads.

We’re also working with the municipalities in Roatan and Santos Guardiola in order to ensure that we are in compliance with all local, department, and federal level ordinances in the Bay Islands of Honduras. But perhaps the most powerful weapon we're employing is simply using common sense. We are cleaning every surface, every dish and every snorkel mouthpiece really well, using Clorox disinfectant wipes everywhere and limiting our exposure (and the potential exposure of others from us) by wearing our fun City Dogs cloth masks when we come into contact with other people. We will also have masks available for our guests in case they forget theirs or decide they want one.

Since our inception City Dogs has always been about creating unique, small group experiences, ones where our guests are able to privately relax in one of the most beautiful socially distant settings imaginable: the gorgeous Western Caribbean Bay Islands of Honduras. Now, more than ever we’re committed to bringing that exclusive luxury sailing adventure experience to our esteemed clients in as safe a manner as possible. We’ve got an updated emergency action plan that includes procedures including potential Covid-19 infection by one of our customers or staff members. Rest assured that as we navigate through these uncertain times, City Dogs will continue to change and adapt with the times, following the latest thinking in the medical and scientific communities in order to ensure we are staying flexible so we can continue to bring the ultimate safe sailing experience to our discerning guests.

Have some time on our hands and want to hand craft a one of a kind sailing adventure experience for when travel restrictions get lifted and Roatan opens back up again? Send us an email and one of our team members will get back to you right away!


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