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An Update on Flying to Roatan

It's been a whopping, incredible, unbelievable 146 days since the island of Roatan went on complete lock down on March 16th and closed down to all international travel and finally, we've got some good news to report -- Airports in Honduras are actually opening back up again. August 10th is the date that's been announced for the resumption of normal domestic internal flights within Honduras, with August 17th being touted as the date that international flights will again be allowed to return to Roatan. At this point, we're hearing August 22 will be the first flight and seats are booking quickly.

All airport personnel and passengers will be required to follow strict biosecurity measures. Airport staff will take temperatures prior to travelers entering the terminal. All travelers are required to wear face covering, maintain social distancing, and use sanitizing gel as instructed.

While there are still a few details that need to be ironed out (are international visitors to the Roatan really expected to abide by the number system?), hopefully this means those of us that want to come back to Roatan and visit the Bay Islands of Honduras again will be able to do so safely! It couldn't be a better time to go back, the diving is fantastic right now since most of the shops have been closed, the water is warm, like 84 degrees, the visibility is terrific and we'll sail if there's wind. If not, we can always motor...

We know a lot of people have apprehensions about travelling these days, and we get it, going on vacation in the Covid Era isn't easy, but we also know there are a whole lot of folks eager to get out and start doing things again, experiencing the wonders that life has to offer instead of just sitting at home. Hit us up in the comments, let us know when you're thinking of travelling again and where you're thinking of going.


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