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America the beautiful

In the past five months, we've been lucky enough to be able to move about freely from Texas to New Hampshire, travelling all over quite a bit of the United States of America seeing family and friends, and if there's one thing we can say for sure, it's that the USA really is a beautiful place full of warm, generous, neighborly folks. By our count, we've been through a grand total of fourteen states thus far: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Most of them we just passed through, highway style, we'd have loved to spend a lot more time exploring along with way from Texas up to Connecticut, but these are a different kind of times, so we've been maintaining our distance. We loved Texas, it's beautiful but flat. In the northeast we've got a lot more variety to our terrain.

We've been doing a lot of hiking, spending time outside while the temperature in the Northeast is still warm enough to go into nature without wearing snowshoes, a down jacket, gloves and a wool hat. We're about to start getting right into the thick of the fall foliage season when all the leaves start turning colors, which is pretty exciting, it's just also starting to get pretty darn cold at night.

Hopefully we'll be able to get back home to Roatan before it gets too frigid here and get back to doing what we love the most: sailing, diving, relaxing, exploring in the Western Caribbean Bay Islands of Honduras. Roatan, Utila, Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos are officially open to tourism, dive resorts are opening back up, restaurants are ready to serve again.

We can't wait to get back to West End and grab some amazing Italian food at Pazzo, for example, or to head out to Trico's for some nice views of the East End and some adult beverages of choice. We can't wait to get back over to Utila to see the amazing, professional crew at Utila Dive Center. There are so many places and people that we're eager to see, we're counting the days down to our anticipated return.


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