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When in West End...

So we're back in West End for a bit and it's a little cold at times. The water clarity today was amazing though. I saw a huge school of fish just off the back of the boat in the anchorage this morning, thousands of these fish spiraling in a great geyser.

It's nice being at anchor. It gets you close to the environment in a way that living on land doesn't. We know the topography of this place because we see it so much, diving on the anchor every time, snorkeling several times a day, doing boat chores like changing the zinc and cleaning the bottom. We get to know the animals that live out here with us, the turtles, the rays, the barracuda, the squid and all the diverse life.

We're having a blast introducing new people to diving and seeing those first moments of wonder underwater when you experience the magic of diving. We're also having a great time sailing up and down Roatan. The winds have been mild and unpredictable lately so we have been doing a bit of motor sailing. Lots of fun though. Keeps you guessing.

We've got to get back to home base in a bit but before then we'll do some more diving, some more snorkeling and probably some more boat work. And we'll find the time for some good dining for the Captain's birthday, no doubt. Maybe we'll even be able to sleep in without getting waked too bad.

We've missed the sunsets, that's for sure.

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