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Coming Home, Again

Although we love New York, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, and all the places we recently stayed during our whirlwind holiday tour, it’s nice to come home to Roatan. We’ll miss our amazing families and friends, of course, but returning to our eponymous Beneteau Oceanis 393 felt like coming full circle, like closing a loop. It’s almost been a year now since we’ve been down here on the big island living the City Dogs dream, but we weren’t sure how it would feel coming back after being back in the States for almost a month. Would it still feel the same? Would the boat still feel like home?

It felt like greeting an old friend, like putting on an old, comfy shirt, like hearing a song you know inside and out. Coming back to this gorgeous island, we have a renewed perspective, a brightened outlook, a rekindled fire burning in the sheltered coves of our hearts. It’s been said by others we know in similar situations, that our reality is your dream, and while we don’t necessarily subscribe to that exact way of thinking, in some ways it’s true because we are living in a tropical paradise doing things we love: sailing, diving, snorkeling, relaxing on the white sand with a drink of choice in hand, playing ball with coconuts in the crystal clear water. It wouldn’t be wrong to say there are a few people and quite a few doggos who’d love to trade places with us.

We can’t wait to get back on the water, under the waves, out under the sun taking people out to experience the other side of island life -- off the big cruise ships, away from the crowded party cats and packed tourist spots to the heart of what makes this island so special -- the dense, pristine natural beauty that creates this feeling of stepping off into the unknown. It's like stepping into a Caribbean dream.

Our schedule is filling up fast, we’re almost entirely booked for the holiday season so drop us a line if you’re thinking of going out for a day tour or something more extensive. We’ll be sure to get back to you right away, just remember that we’re back on Island Time now, so it won’t happen in a New York minute.

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