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Exploring Guanaja

To quote Dickens, 'It was the best of times..."

Guanaja is beautiful. It’s a paradise with seemingly unlimited natural potential, full of incredibly nice, generous, funny, helpful people. It has pristine beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, abundant natural life, untouched forests, and it’s the easternmost Bay Islands of Honduras, right in the Western Caribbean. And best of all, not a lot of people come to Guanaja!

We arrived with our amazing friends Sterling and Nicol from sailing vessel DocSea. We came in through the Michael Rock pass and then slowly made our way down the coast to a nice protected anchorage just southeast of Michael’s Rock. It was a Sunday so there were a few locals out on the beach having a good time, mostly families taking a advantage of the gorgeous aquamarine water, playing games with their kids on their day off.

Diving on our anchor was a treat in the super clear water.

Nearby was a baby turtle I ran across who was still learning how to fin.

Not far from the beach I found a tiny little seahorse, no bigger than my fingernail, clinging to a gorgonian in the shallows. And the snorkeling around MIchael's Rock is amazing, some of the best we've ever done here in Honduras.

We saw a couple of spotted eagle rays cruising through the sandy shallows looking for something to eat.

Most everyone on Guanaja lives on the eastern side of the island in a town called Bonacca. It's a quaint town packed with little houses that's actually located just off the main island.

We passed by an indoor soccer field on Bonacca that for the day was converted into a dance hall where it seemed like most of the town were having a blast, dancing, laughing, making music, having a merry old time. It seemed like everyone knew each other!

It felt like home for a few nights.

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