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Finally made it to Guanaja

So City Dogs finally made it up to Guanaja. But first we anchored out for the night in Port Royal and went for a little snorkel because we love it so much up there!

Of course we saw some amazing stuff - like the sweet puffer above or the fun little trunkfish below.

We also finally found our moray eel friend who we haven't seen for some time up in Port Royal. Looks like he found a new home.

Steve also even allegedly spotted an octopus during the day. In the video below you can see it in the far right of the video frame pushing farther into the coral.

It was a blast going over from Port Royal to Guanaja. There was very little wave action, and wind was minimal, meaning it was a perfect time to make the crossing since we're heading straight into the wind the entire way. We saw some fun scenery like the wreck below.

We also finally got to check out the gorgeous little islands around Barbareta off the far eastern end of Roatan, the one below and Pigeon Key, which we've heard so much about.

Pigeon Key felt a little underwhelming. There's not much there ... several trees and a bit of beach. Really small and could be really crowded if a couple boats show up. In fact, there was only one boat there with two people, but as we watched another boat, this one with six, maybe eight people pulled up onto the shore.

Guanaja, the last of the Bay Islands that we've visited -- is a rugged island with lots of wilderness.

The coastline as you sail past the red cliff at the point of Guanaja is very sparsely dotted with little docks, the occasional small house, but they are dwarfed by the natural beauty of the island.

Most of the population lives on the separate little island of Bonacca.

Although there are many houses and developments in the hills above it, the bulk of the human activity on the island is concentrated in a very small area.

We anchored initially over past Dunbar Rock at a little anchorage called The Bight, but after speaking with a nice couple who'd spent the previous night at anchor and had been eaten up by noseeums, we decided to head around up to Graham's Cay instead.

Although less protected, there was plenty of wind and no bugs! The little islands on the reef aren't the best place to anchor if wind goes above 20 knots but it was squarely in the teens so we set the anchor in the sand, and once Steve dove on it and made sure it was securely upright and dug in, we went over to land.

Graham's Place was a nice -- it was a little touristy and we didn't exactly love their little marine life pen -- it's tough seeing turtles and sharks kept in such small spaces, but Andrea managed to sweet talk them into letting Fozzie Bear and Mischa stay even though they have a no dogs policy.

I know they can be obnoxious at times, but it's hard not to love these two, am I right?

I mean, come on, who could refuse service to these cuties?

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