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We had another great day over here on the south side of the island, this time hanging out with our friends Sterling, Nicol and Jackson over on S/V DocSea. We had a great time, got some lunch over at the one and only Hole in the Wall, then headed out for an amazing mangrove tour of Jonesville and Oak Ridge. Sterling was an amazing Captain and tour guide, showing us these hidden slices of life. This little natural highway is how loads of locals get around these coastal neighborhoods, using a collection of little boats that are way more efficient than anything else.

It was a great way to see one of the lesser known facets of the big little island of Roatan -- far from the glamour of West Bay and the commerce of West End -- but just as beautiful, vibrant, and full of life. We managed to grab a few pieces of plastic from the water and we made some new friends at the Happy Landing bar in Oak Ridge and got back to our little protected, muddy anchorage in time to walk the little dogs on land before the sun went down.

We also tried our hands at fishing with a rod for the first time from the back of City Dogs. We didn't catch anything, but it was an eye-opening experience. Plus Mischa got to eat the biggest piece of lobster meat bait we had, and I learned a valuable lesson -- never put good bait down next to a dog...

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