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Just another week in Paradise

It is just another typical week in the tropical western Caribbean paradise of Roatan for City Dogs. We did some amazing diving in West End -- saw some sleeping turtles, some free-swimming moray eels, and loads more amazing marine life!

We also took the dinghy up to the Sandy Bay area for some even more awe inspiring diving, including some quality time with a Hawksbill turtle chowing down on the reef. Pretty sweet stuff. Great underwater filming from Andrea!

Then the wind started picking up so we raced back around the island with Sterling and Nicol over on DocSea for some R&R. Of course, since we live on a boat we had some repairs to make.

We finally rebedded and recaulked the leaky skylight -- for the second time. We used a stronger type of butyl tape that will hopefully stop the corner leaks for good.

Then we had to tackle a problem with the watermaker. One of the big stainless steel bolts that holds our Katadyn Powersurvivor 40e together somehow broke at the threads, so we had to find a replacement. Luckily Madeso had one that was similar.

Only, when I tightened it down and fired the watermaker up, I noticed there was a slight leak coming from under the piston, so I pulled out the good old troubleshooting guide.

When I took the watermaker apart, just as the guide suggested, there was a seriously chewed up O-ring that needed replacement. Sigh. We've been through three of these since November. Luckily, we still had one on board, so I lubed it up, replaced it and when I fired it up there were no more leaks. Whew!

Now we just have to hunt down the little plastic barb fitting for our transom shower which broke the other day when we were out on a sail up in Port Royal. The new showerhead doesn't have one so we might have to get a little creative with this fix.

Hit us up in the comments or shoot us an email if you have any ideas on how to make it work.

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