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Pilot Whales on the way back from Port Royal!!

We had another great sail today up to the old pirate hangout of Port Royal and on the way back we were treated to an amazing encounter with at least two pilot whales (globicephala macrorhynchus). I was a bit slow with getting the GoPro out --so there's no video, no photos -- just amazing memories. In case you don't know what they are, pilot whales are basically dolphins on crack -- really, really big dolphins with blunt heads that eat mostly squid. They're usually not as inquisitive as dolphins -- they do their own thing -- but these are the first ones we've ever seen on Roatan.

They're cool and pretty rare to see -- we've only seen them once before on Utila. We're glad to be able to share experiences like this with our guests Thomas and Anita. We also saw a pretty big stingray, a shy big-eyed porcupinefish and loads of other cool marine life while snorkeling. Not a bad way to spend a day...

Tomorrow is another adventure. One of the great things about this life we've chosen living aboard City Dogs is that we never really know what the next day is going to bring -- it might be joy, it might be tears, it might be laughter, it might be frustration -- it might be contagious -- it could be a broken water pump or a leaking propane line or re-learning how to splice new dock lines or just doing boring old routine maintenance like changing clogged filters, cleaning the deck or applying liberal amounts of Corrosion-X to everything.

You really never know -- which is part of what makes this life so interesting. No two days are ever the same. The only thing we can ever really be sure of is that we'll have each other along for the ride.

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