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Sweet Views of the United States Coast Guard Barque Eagle leaving Roatan

City Dogs has been having an amazing time with one of our good friends from NYC. Sharing our love of sailing, SCUBA and snorkeling around the amazing island of Roatan with our friends is just amazing!

Sweet view of the only commissioned sailing vessel in the US Military Service, the Coast Guard Barque Eagle! It's nicknamed "America's Tall Ship.'

It was originally the Horst Wessel, a German training vessel, until it surrendered to the British in 1945.

It was a shame they didn't put the sails up as they motored away from the port of Coxen Hole, but it was still quite the majestic sight to see as we sailed from Parrot Tree down to West End.

Andrea and Prudence enjoying the view of half-moon bay from the newly redesigned Sundowners bar.

Fozzie Bear and Mischa also enjoying the second floor of Sundowners.

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