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Dinghy Zinc Maintenance

Thanks to one of our wonderful friends visiting from the Big Apple, Prudence Thiry, we now have some additional items to do some repairs on City Dogs. Yay? The zinc anodes from our Honda 15-HP dinghy engine have been looking in really bad shape for some time now and with the non-existent maintenance records from the previous owners, we have no way of knowing how long ago they were changed.

Needless to say, they look awful and like anything on a boat, changing them wasn't exactly easy. Course, I had one 10mm socket, but my racket no longer holds the sockets in place it's gotten so corroded, so I was able to loosen one side of the bolt eventually doing everything in my power not to let the the loose socket fall into the murky water in the Parrot Tree Marina. Finally, I gave in and managed to get a 10mm wrench from one of our extremely kind neighbors and that did the trick. Thanks Mr. Mitch!

With the right tools, it was simple to get the bolt off and replace the corroded old anodes with new zincs. I was just glad I didn't drop any of any of the tools into the drink. The picture isn't very good but the nice shiny new zinc anode metal looks amazing. Now I just need to change the anode on the propeller, but I'm not going into the water around PT, not even wearing a 5MM wetsuit, hooks, gloves and carrying a caddle prod. The rumors of the alligator that lives in these waters, while most like apocryphal, are a bit too much for me.

Next steps are giving the schnoodle a haircut and brushing Mischa out and spending some time at the pool grinding through some more Foucault's Pendulum.

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