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Diving Milton's Wall on Roatan

City Dogs had a great time yesterday, diving with our friends over at Subway Watersports on the north side of Roatan. We did two amazing dives, the first was at the Labyrinth dive site- which we unfortunately have no video of due to a mysterious and troubling "BUSY" error on our GoPro Hero 4 which prevented filming.

It was a great dive nonetheless, we just wish we had done our Lionfish Containment Course because we saw half a dozen invasive lionfish at mostly shallow depths. Some of them were huge. I don't love the idea of carrying a speargun when I dive, but something has to be done about them. They have no natural predators in the Caribbean so spearing them is about the best we can do. Plus they taste great!

We did manage to get the GoPro working for the second dive -- Milton's Wall.

While we were able to capture some great video -- including some pretty cool footage of a stingray at a cleaning station getting pampered by some energetic shrimp, afterwards the GoPro started acting really strange. It doesn't do much more than turn on and say "GoPro Hero 4" now. We're both pretty bummed about it. Hopefully we'll be able to find a solution online but thus far none of the standard fixes has worked for us.

Fingers crossed that we can find a solution. Hit us up if you have any suggestions.

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