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Sailing from Roatan to Utila

City Dogs just finished another amazing sailing experience in the Bay Islands of Honduras-- this one from the big island of Roatan to the smaller island of Utila with a couple of honeymooners on board.

We had a great time, although our dolphin and whale shark friends were conspicuously absent, perhaps because with the following seas and nice wind of the east we didn't have to motor much at all so there wasn't any engine vibration to attract them. We were surfing on nice little swells and made great time to the rock.

We saw a nice little rainbow over the Utila Dream ferry once we finished setting the anchor.

The way back was a bit of a different story. Someone who will go nameless forgot to close the front head hatch all the way and we were beating into it, slamming into big waves with a very short period -- meaning it wasn't exactly an awesome ride home to Parrot Tree. Thankfully we've got a good working Jabsco shower drain pump that got rid of the water in no time after I cleaned out the filter.

It wasn't exactly fun sailing, but Andrea did a great job helming through some pretty rough seas. We didn't get any videos of it though -- it wasn't fun, let's film this sailing but let's hang on and make sure no one goes overboard type sailing.

Having said that, I did try my hand at fishing off City Dogs for the first time, trawling off the back with a really long line with a fish lure. No luck, but we learned a lot from the experience. Maybe next time we'll actually catch something!

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