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Developing Instructor Development

Embarking on the next phase of our professional SCUBA diving careers -- getting our PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is something Andrea and I have been excited to do ever since we finished our Divemaster course a year ago. If we'd had enough vacation time, we would have done it with the amazing pros over at Utila Dive Center where we get certified as DMs, but that was back when we still had "real" jobs in the Big Apple.

It's been more than a year since we started our DM training with the exceptional team at UDC -- but we had a number of factors to juggle, including the Schnoodle and Mischa -- so we had to do our Instructor training a little closer to home.

We found that Subway Watersports and the nice, helpful crew at Turqouise Bay were able to accommodate the unique needs of City Dogs. Liam, Daryl, Trip and all the staff welcomed us with open arms. When met with their course director Phillip Hetherington, we pretty much decided on the spot to move forward with our professional training there. Phil is such an absolute delight to work with, exhibiting unparalleled professionalism combined with a charming, witty sense of humor that instantly alleviates any doubt or uncertainty.

After eight long days of Instructor Development Course (IDC) training, we're getting right into the thick of the program and we're both existing in a state where we are both tired and invigorated at the same time -- full of enthusiasm, energy and, thanks to Phil - the inspired confidence that we're going to absolutely rock the Instructor Exam (IE) that's happening in a few weeks in West Bay.

Thanks to the exceptional training that UDC instilled in us, which is being reinforced by Phil's incredibly professional training at Subway Watersports, Andrea and I are soon to become instructors destined to be at least tangentially graced by a whiff of success.

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