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Diving the El Aguila wreck on Roatan

City Dogs have been diving West End lately. Yesterday, we got some pretty sweet footage of an eel. I was a bit terrified it was going to come after Andrea she got so close to it.

Fozzie and Mischa, get jealous when we spend so much time in the water, so we put their PFDs on and took them swimming to beat the heat.

Today we did the El Aguila wreck and had an amazing time. We've been there before, but this time was with a very small group so it felt more special. Sitting at a maximum depth of 110 feet, El Aguila is a 230 foot cargo ship sunk in 1997 that was broken into three pieces by hurricane Mitch in 1998 (the last hurricane to his the island). El Aguila, Spanish for The Eagle, is a deep dive -- but we planned accordingly, stayed with our no decompression limits, and had tons of fun.

Sure, we saw a big grouper like we have every time we've been there. I want to say he must live there. Or she, I'm not good enough to tell fish sexes apart.

We also saw a HUGE parrotfish. That's the scientific name for it. :-)

And we saw an enormous trumpetfish. Literally the biggest one I've ever seen in all my dives, and I see at least one or two trumpetfish per dive.

This trumpetfish was enormous, but he let me get close enough that I thought he was going to hit my face!

We also saw a turtle, which is really cool because we haven't seen that many of them until recently. Maybe they've been on a migratory pattern that took them somewhere else? Either that or we're just not very lucky with turtles lately.

Until next time, keep breathing, live long and prosper.

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