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City Dogs Snorkeling

City Dogs are snorkeling, again. And we've got photos and videos, again.

Now this might not look like much, just a giant anemone on a nice patch of coral with some sea grass in the background, but when I was filming it, I saw something that really caught my attention.

It's not exactly easy to see, but in the middle there's a small black pea shaped thing that looks like a juvenile smooth trunkfish. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think. They're very hard to find, with undeveloped tails tucked around their body and tiny pectoral fins used to move about.

We also saw a couple of big barracuda patrolling the reef. We were not sure if they were snapping their jaws at us or at each other but we can agree they looked menacing and hungry -- and much bigger than the video makes them appear.

Two of the squid we saw from the squid party yesterday were still hanging about the reef.

So we played with them for a bit. We love Caribbean Reef Squid.

And what good City Dogs post would be complete without a trumpetfish video?

We also saw a juvenile lionfish. Too bad we don't have a speargun.

And we saw an anemone with purple tipped tentacles.

And a sea pearl ... see it below there in the middle with the silver sheen? It's a kind of algae, but what makes it cool is it's one of the largest single cell organisms on earth. It's just one big plant cell.

That's one of the most amazing things about the reef around Roatan -- the diversity of things to see & experience is astounding. I could spend hours staring at a single big piece of coral -- but we love squid.

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