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Back in West End

We sailed back over to the west side of the island into the West End anchorage earlier today. Once we dropped anchor and I dove to make sure our anchor was holding well, we both went out to Blue Channel for another amazing time snorkeling.

We dropped into a school of Sergeant Majors, then quickly ran into a Caribbean Reef Squid, before a mock fight between two male smallmouth grunts distracted us. We saw a big barracuda on the section of reef inside the breakwater.

We saw a bridled burrfish, but his camo was so good the video doesn't show much. I did get a decent video of a blue tang, a french angelfish and a squirrelfish hanging around together.

We also got a couple of decent pictures of Mischa -- because what day would be complete without a couple of decent pictures of the cutest sailing Klee Kai out there?

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