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Snorkeling, Sailing, & Schnoodling

After a long day of sailing and snorkeling yesterday, this morning we woke up with the sun in West End, glad our anchor held through the night. We had some banana bread and tea.

After walking Fozzie Bear and Mischa on the beach, we went for a nice long snorkel out to the reef where we saw loads of amazing coral and tons of dynamic aquatic life.

We saw a porcupine fish, a bridled burrfish, a scrawled filefish, a couple of trunkfish, a Queen Triggerish (seen above) and loads of other gorgeous species, like the large school of blue tang below.

Oh, and Fozzie the Bear fell through the hatch from the deck into the forward cabin yesterday when we were at anchor. Luckily, he landed on the bed with the most confused look on his face ever! Wish we got it on video!

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