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Making the rounds of the East End of Roatán

In the past week we've been trying to get out of Parrot Tree a bit and have been making the round of the East End of Roatán, hitting up a bunch of popular local spots off the beaten tourist path. Seems like almost everyday we've been discovering someplace new.

A little more than a week ago we took City Dogs up to Hole in the Wall in Jonesville-- they've got great depth out there so we pulled right up to the dock and had a great time playing games, eating lunch, and having a couple Salva Vidas at this fantastic location that can't be reached by land.

A week ago we were off Jonesville Point for Trico Tuesdays where we enjoyed a nice afternoon on the water and an amazing plate of spicy wings! We missed the live music but the ambiance and atmosphere were worth the drive! Plus we got to drive through the charming Czech Village (more on that later).

Wednesday night we headed into French Harbor to the Pineapple Villas development to visit Herbys Sportsbar for karoake night. We had a great time singing, laughing, eating amazing cheeseburgers made with certified angus beef, and of course, Andrea ended up winning the grande prize of the night -- 1,000 lempira in cash for her amazing performance of Paul Revere.

Friday afternoon we went over to BJ's Backyard in Oak Ridge where we were treated to hearing some really good live music, mostly covers of great classic rock like Pink Floyd, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, etc.

Sunday night we went over to Lionfish Louies and had some great fresh lionfish fried to perfection. We also got to hear the East End Players rock out for over three and a half hours on the picturesque Havana beach.

Lead singer Bryon James kept the crowd energized throughout the evening with his engaging, enthusiastic, and occasionally hilarious performances of classics.

Monday we ventured into the huge Megapacka shop at the mall in French Harbor looking for some good deals on clothes. It's a bit overwhleming ... one needs a lot of patience to search through the profusion of unsorted goods. We left disappointed but nonetheless entertained by their eclectic selection. I haven't seen that many old, unwanted t-shirts in a long time. For example, a double XL sized pale yellow Hillary Clinton 2016 t-shirt crammed next to a children's size small Dark Side of the Force lime green tee.

Dodging the torrential down pouring rain, we had a nice lunch at a local place called Mayday Steak & Grill in the mall in French Harbor, it was nothing special -- kebabs of chicken and chorizo with rice, plantain chips and beans -- just good Honduran food served hot and cheap.

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