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Sailing Adventures in Cayos Cochinos

City Dogs recently made another trip out to the amazing islands of Cayos Cochinos.

We had a fabulous time, dining under clear, star-studded skies adjacent to the imposing, mostly uninhabited dark surface of Cochino Grande after spending the afternoon snorkeling in crystal clear waters and exploring the beautiful, relaxing beach.

Especially at night, the Cayos are about as remote as you can get in the Caribbean, there’s almost no light, no noise, nothing but the wind, the calm, the sea and the stars above. It’s the kind of thing that is especially difficult to capture in video or describe with words. We got especially lucky, we had a nearly full moon that would have been a dream to sail under!

I saw an octopus during the day, snorkeling just off the third mooring on Cochino Grande while Andrea was ferrying our guests around from snorkeling to relaxing. It was amazing to look at during the day, watching the skin change colors, morphing to match the coral. It only stayed there a minute, as if anticipating my duck dive down and by the time I got below to get a better look, the octopus was gone inside the coral, hiding from me. Of course, I didn’t have the GoPro with me.

I did manage to get some good video the next morning of what I think is a Caribbean reef squid, only this one looks a bit different than the ones I’ve seen before...check it out below.

It has two long things sticking out on either side of the head. Maybe it’s a baby? Maybe it’s a female or another species of squid? I’m not exactly sure. Anyone who knows, hit us up in the comments or send an email over to us!

We also saw loads of amazing, vibrant coral covering the ocean floor. The mooring at Cochino Grande are in 30+ feet of water, but it’s so clear you can see the bottom. There was a small little fishing boat at the bottom underneath us. Maybe they hit the reef and sank?

The islands of Cayos Cochinos are amazing, a gem hidden just off the mainland of Honduras, waiting to be explored. We can’t always promise dolphins or squid or octopus, but we do our best to ensure you have the time of your life seeking out the other side of island life.

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