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City Dogs Snorkeling: Spotted Eagle Rays, Ramoras, Suckerfish & More

Apologies for the lack of posts in the past week -- City Dogs have been busy the past few days, getting our fins wet again as the rainy season finally (hopefully) winds down on Roatán. We've been out doing what we do best -- taking people on amazing sailing adventures, showing them the best little spots to see the abundant, amazing life that populates the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Yesterday, as Andrea and I went for a nice Valentine's Day snorkel in the crystal clear waters of West End, we had a wonderful encounter with a spotted eagle ray, who spent some time circling around us before departing for deeper waters!

The video below, taken from just a few short kick cycles off the back of our Beneteau Oceanis 393 shows a confused ramora attempting to attach itself to a cowfish! Strange behavior as these guys normally hitch a ride on sharks but I suppose it's just looking for companionship!

A few days earlier, we were snorkeling with an amazing, hilarious group of French Canadians off Raguana Cay in Belize and what did we run into but a really nice looking French Angelfish -- how apropos!

Turns out once I dove down a bit, there were actually a pair of them!

We also saw a suckerfish swimming around looking for a turtle -- alas we didn't see any tortugas but seeing one of these suckerfish all alone was pretty special! At first I thought it was a little shark...

The real star of the show at Raguana Cay, as the video below shows, is the vibrant, healthy, gorgeous coral.

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