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City Dogs Hiking

Our last sunset on Utila was a spectacular one, defining our return to the Rock with brilliance, color and a sense of righteousness. Diving with the UDC crew again was magnificent, reminding us that we will always have a family there no matter the passage of time.

Afterwards, we had another amazing dinner at RJ’s before heading back out into the bay for the night. Thankfully, it was much less rocky than our previous three nights and we were both able to actually get some real REM sleep for a change. Let’s not talk about our dreams though....

In the morning we pulled up our anchor -- all 160 plus feet of chain that we put out in the rocking harbor and made it out to sea before any of the dive boats (although Alton’s did pass us along the way, waking us quite horrendously as is their wont). It was a gorgeous day, sunny with flat, calm, glassy seas but unfortunately, not very much wind which meant we had to motor sail all of the way back -- but we made excellent time, eventually tucking back into our anchorage at Parrot Tree Plantation at 12:30PM -- not too shabby.

Today, we got down to business -- doing essentials like getting our medical paperwork in order for our residency application, re-upping our TIGO plan to add another 5 gigs of data to our local Honduran plan, getting our stinking piles of laundry done, meeting with the printer to see about costs for our flyers, going to Eldon’s to get some supplies for the next week and a half, going to the marine supply store to replenish items lost in the drink during repairs made in rocking seas, making another stop at ACE Hardware -- all while driving on the notoriously horrendous pothole filled roads of Roatan in a manual transmission rented vehicle that seemed to be utterly without shocks of any kind. Or oil for that matter. Needless to say, I was thrilled to make it back to Parrot Tree without having to take a Taxi.

But first in the morning, we took the doggies on a long-awaited hike through the Nature Trail at Parrot Tree Plantation -- something we’ve been planning on doing since we got here. Although we were just wearing flip-flops (instead of our customary hiking boots which have still remained untouched onboard), we managed to make it through the long trail without getting stuck or twisting any ankles or knees.

We saw some cool birds.I got a decent picture of one of them trying to hide in the mangrove forests ... not sure what they’re called. Hit us up in the comments or on email if you know.

We also saw some interesting looking bulbous things in the mangrove trees that Andrea and I both found slightly disconcerting as if we were in the first act of a horror movie... we’re thinking they’re nests for birds but we’re not quite sure.

And of course we saw a number of little Agoutis that drove Mischa and Fozzie crazy. Think of them as little deer or bunnies. Mexicans call them Sereques but it seems like everyone has a different name for them.

Along the way, we also ran into these wonderful pink plants ... anyone know what they’re called?

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