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Sweet Snorkeling in Hut Point, Mexico

We made it to Hut Point, Mexico and had just enough time to ferry the doggos to shore before sunset so they could get some exercise and do their business on la playa. Of course, Fozzie found a coconut to play his new favorite game -- fetching organic matter for a rousing game of CoconutBall.

Today, we went snorkeling in this amazing, secluded anchorage after walking the dogs again on the beach. Sure, there are a lot of people riding powerboars, jetskis and catamarans full of partying guests, but I wore my red rashguard and didn't get close to anything with a motor. First, I dove on the anchor to make sure we had a good solid hold.

Trying to entice the schnoodle into the water without a coconut is pretty hard. Despite appearances, he stayed onboard -- but whined like it was his job.

I ended up seeing a couple of big moray eels hiding in their hidey-holes ... a nice change to the ones we saw in Utila free-swimming looking for spearfishers with lionfish for the eating.

I also ended finding a pretty cool small stingray. And I found Andrea a dress that couldn't have been down there for long, it had nothing growing on or in it ... so we decided to keep it.

We'll be back with more posts after the next, much longer trek of our journey -- hopefully tomorrow from Bahia de la Ascension.

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