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It's easy to forget that we're living in paradise...

It's easy to forget that we're living in paradise right now, waking up with a radiant warm sunshine that permeates every level of our skin because we're living on a sailboat and thus constantly bombarded with project after project from seemingly every system onboard...

It's not exhausting, we just have learned to have patience with everything.

The dogs seem to be adapting quite well, although some aspects of their behavior are starting to piss off management, like Fozzie peeing on everything and Mischa woo-wooing at everything.

There is amazing see through water just underneath us, with an angelfish on the piling near our stern.

We can kayak across the channel to a reef with amazing diving and a wreck near the lighthouse. And Andrea's bread was a big hit with the El Milagro crew.

Once the big storm brewing down south passes through next week, we should, hopefully have a nice weather window to push on south to Cozumel, Belize and Honduras.

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