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Condensation pan discharge hose fail

Looks like our amazing boat guy in Ponce Inlet neglected to attach a hose to the condensation pan discharge so our AC has been pouring an undetermined amount of cool water out onto the floor beneath it. Good times.

Thankfully there is a hole close by that goes down into the bilge, and we discovered it early and were able to run out to the amazing Marine Connection Liquidators where they hooked us up with a length of 5/8 inch ID hose flexible enough to make the almost 90 degree angle down into the bilge.

Thanks Ponce Inlet boat guy. I would be shaking my head if I wasn't cursing so hard.

We had cam cleats installed on our dinghy davits so we can finally haul our new little boat out of the water without breaking our backs. Of course, one of the old blocks was lashed together MacGuyver style, another one was broken, but once we replaced (with a slight upgrade) and installed them it was a breeze to pull our dinghy up out of the water onto the back of City Dogs.

The new inverter came so once we're out of Bartertown we'll still be able to use AC power for the laptops and other gadgets like our little washing machine, which we're just getting around to testing out today for the first time to get a load of rags sparkly clean...

Putting the new inverter in was a simple fix in terms of installation once I got over the fear of like, electrocuting myself to death or damaging our all important batteries. We got the inverter up and running with a full system test with no issues in no time. We're just going to have to be vigilant about watching how much of a draw we're putting on the system.

The dinghy engine was delivered yesterday and it's running great with a new carburetor, oil change, filters, etc.

Neighbors here @ Harbortown Marina have been great. One lent us his pickup to run errands in town and pickup supplies multiple times, another gave us lessons on how to use our SailRite sewing machine, another gave us a free clamp for our marine AC unit.

Point being, people down here, especially those living in the marina like here in Harbortown are all of a like mind, not only willing, but eager to help each other out. If only the entire world operated under similar guidelines.

Regardless, we're looking to get out of Harbortown as soon as the weather allows. It's not that we don't like it here, it's just that we're eager to get back on at least the ICW, if not the actual open water.

It's looking like Monday at this point, but all depends on the vagaries of the Anemoi.

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