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Last full day at the marina...

The last week has been super busy.

Every moment of every day is full of getting stuff done like disassembling, cleaning, oiling, greasing and reassembling all of the winches, planning on doing other things like fixing cosmetic issues, trouble-shooting things already done that have begun to falter again (in reality or imagination) like the sealant job on the skylights, and finding new projects to work on.

But as we wind our way into the beginning on November we find ourselves tentatively, hesitatingly on the cusp of actually finally leaving the charming environs of Ponce Inlet and finally moving on to southern pastures.

Of course, the AC isn't exactly finished being installed. Despite three separate trips to West Marine, a not insignificant journey by car over the bridge to the mainland, neither Nick nor we were able to procure the correct fastenings for the filtration unit for the AC. But at least the alternator is done -- we just have to, like, remind Nick to clean up the coolant pools left under the engine so we can like, you know, know if there's a leak.

And the outboard dinghy motor has developed a catastrophic leak that our mechanic Nick quickly diagnosed as a problem with the carburetor ... so we're in limbo with the little boat -- which we still haven't actually named yet (does a dinghy really deserve a name?) ...

And I think I might have installed the new membrane in our watermaker with the quad seal in the wrong position, which means I'm going to have to take the entire system out and break it down into pieces just to see if I actually did the job right.

Which means that tomorrow is going to be another busy day. It's going to be our last full one in Ponce Inlet, though. On Saturday morning, probably before most of you are even up, we're going to be heading on our way down south to Fort Pierce.

You can follow our progress south here.

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