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  • Andrea

Two-Man Jobs

I understand that sailing and boating in general is a male-dominated sport and I will always face sexism as a female captain and boat owner. That being said it is a bit out of control here in Florida.

Everything is either a “two-man job" or a "one-man job”.

When I offer my assistance for the “two-man jobs” such as removing the boom, lifting various objects and helping move the A/C, I am shut down.

Steve on the other hand is allowed to assist with all of these tasks and is expected to help out.

I pointed it out to Steve after a few occasions and he poo-pooed me, and then he started noticing it and realized how blatant it is.

I know this is just something that I will have to deal with but it is really annoying because I am perfectly capable and able to do all of these things.

Suggestions on handling with this without pissing off/ offending the guy who is doing the work on our boat who we need to finish the rigging etc?

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