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Doggles, Dog ramps, dog food, etc.

We thought that Fozzie Bear, aka Falcor the Schnoodle was squinting a bit more than normal down here in the appropriately named Sunshine State, even after his recent doggy grooming visit, so we decided to try out a handmedown pair of doggles on him.

Pretty stylish, right?

Too bad the schnoodle rejected them.

First time he pulled them off completely in one smooth motion. Second time they got caught and he ended up looking like a pretty stylin pirate bear.

Which seems to beg the question -- do dogs really need doggles? I mean, maybe doggles work for some of them but like lots of things, they don't exactly work for our dogs.

The ramp we bought to help the dogs get on and off the boat is working much better ... it only took one treat session to teach both Fozzie Bear and Mischa that the ramp is the easy and preferred way to go! Hopefully this means no more attempted doggy drownings or missed jumps to the dock ...

Which brings us to dog food. We're going to stock up before we leave Florida because our pack have fragile tummies, but the question which is how much can we possibly bring? Is 4 bags enough? How about six? Would eight be too much?

We go through about a bag a month but we don't have an infinite amount of space onboard and while there are still plenty of hidey-holes on board, there definitely isn't enough room to pack as much doggy food as we want to bring.

Anyone with any tips on feeding boat dogs, hit us up in the comments and make sure to subscribe to get our posts right away in your inbox.

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