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How do you fit a studio on a 39 foot boat?

How do you fit a studio amount of stuff on a 39’ boat?

Well today started great, headed out to the marina to have our mast unstepped for new rigging. Got to drive the boat and see how she handled, all good! We get to the marina and the boat guy is going at the rigging... but he can’t undo it. He needs backup, which isn’t happening today (think Island time)...

So we headed back to our marina slightly defeated only to do this again on Monday. All was great until I begin to back our very beamy boat into the slip. My first attempt failed, so I made a three point turn to try and get us straight in, except the boat goes port instead of straight, argh!!! Luckily our friend at the dock helped us out and threw us a line to help guide us in... hopefully this will go better next time.

Then we get the call that Steve’s awesome stepdad has arrived a day early with all of our stuff! How do you fit a studio apt worth of stuff on a boat?!? What was I thinking when I packed?

Some of it will have to go... I’m too exhausted to think about it right now. I know you all think we’re on permanent vacay but we have probably worked harder since we’ve been here than when we were in the city (keep your comments to yourself on that one).

Until tomorrow when our new dinghy arrives....

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